My Evolving Bucket List

This is it. I’m collecting all those notes that I had written in my little notebook and saved in my phone, and putting them into a Bucket! The list so far…

Skydiving with my eyes open. I have terrible fear of heights. Done in Tuscany! I nearly fainted but hey I survived to share the pictures (and stories).

Travelling to parts of Indonesia other than Jakarta and Bali. Volunteering, if possible.

Visit Komodo Island (Indonesia)

Safari in Tanzania again. This time must bring a torch, sleeping bag and more potent insect repellent.

Attempt to travel with a back pack instead of lugging around a 30kg suitcase. I blame it on me being a pedantic Virgo.

Return to Salvador (Brazil) to thank the kids who inspired me to change my career to teaching.

Participate in the carnaval in Brazil. Yes I’m crazy but I’m in love with their fancy outfits and Samba!

The Tomato Bashing fest in Spain. (“Why are they crazy wasting tomatoes!” I can imagine my Mum saying. I do agree it’s rather a sad waste of food resources)

Machu Picchu in Peru.

Learn the Tango in Argentina. (In progress – learning the Tango in Seoul)

Sing at a karaoke (solo) without causing any hearing impairment. Done in Seoul, South Korea! I did a solo rap to one of TLC’s songs.

Bungee jump. In Indonesia. In a country that’s safe to do so.

World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Euro 2016 in France or World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Old Trafford (a.k.a the shrine) to see Manchester United play.

Personally tell Novak Djokovic (World’s No. 1 Tennis Player) that he missed out on a good catch. We would’ve made beautiful babies. Dear Novak, although you missed on this opportunity (a.k.a me), I will still support you and cheer for you in my loudest voice at every grand slam.

Sunset at Uluru, Australia.

See the Aurora Borealis.

Participate in a Flash Mob.

The Louvre in Paris. It took me 2 visits – No, not because of its size. I battled the rain and the crowded metro on the first day, arriving all wide-eyed and excited to conquer the Louvre, only to discover that it was closed. On the second day, I arrived fashionably late and was greeted by a mob of tourists at the Mona Lisa painting. It’s incredible how famous she is when she is just merely a figment of someone’s imagination.

See snow. Make a snowman and snow angels. Start a snowball fight. I usually stay away from cold places. 1st Dec in Seoul. I squealed like a little kid.

Learn how to use an iPhone. Trivial I know but I can’t figure out how to type using the touchscreen. This granny learnt it!

Successfully teach people to pronounce and spell my full name.

Dance the weekend away in Berghain, Berlin.

Ibiza. Enough said.  Done! Absolutely love Ibiza for opening my ears to various forms of electro music (not commercial stuff!)

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Drive a bajai (an Indonesian tuk-tuk)

Live in a house boat or a tree top or a cabin in the woods (tropical one preferably)


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