A Midget in Cape Town

I’m sitting in the Resource Room writing my blog update and oh I have so much to write about!

How about I start from the weekend?

This weekend we went to Cape Town which I had been looking forward to explore. Ever since I learnt about South Africa’s history and learnt about Robben Island, I have been intrigued by Cape Town. Once we got our plans confirmed about going away for the weekend, I was advised to call up the Robben Island Museum to see if they had any ferry tickets available for the weekend. I had called them mid-week and kept my fingers and toes crossed with the anticipation of a positive answer from the ticket operator. Unfortunately tickets were all sold out due to school holidays and there was no chance I could visit Robben Island. If I were to visit Cape Town again, my sole purpose would just be to see the museum. Maybe it’s a good thing to leave out seeing an important part of a country… Maybe it’ll just motivate me to come back to Cape Town.

We had gone to Karaoke on Thursday night so come Friday morning, all of us struggled to get out of bed (This was when I learnt that karaoke nights are seldom about singing but more about the abundance of cheap beer.. and the sudden urge to sing afterwards). Oh well you do what you got to do for the kids!

We drove to Cape Town after the orphanage and all of us pretty much slept all the way until we reached our accommodation, The Ashanti Lodge – a backpackers that was I must say on the comfy end. When I had asked a volunteer who had stayed at the Ashanti about his experience, his advise was – “The moment you get there, make sure you check out the toilet on the far left. You can see Table Mountain and they even give you a pair of binoculars! Seriously, I had the best ever poop there!” Those were his words. I of course couldn’t stop laughing.

For my first ever experience staying in a Backpackers, the Ashanti was a pretty cool place. All 6 of us stayed in a dorm style room, with bunk beds and it was quite fun. I didn’t even seem to mind that there were 3 showers for the whole floor (again I need to remind you that I had never done this before so it was all pretty new to me).

Since it was nearly evening by the time we got there, we decided to get ready and hit the night spot at the infamous Camps Bay. When I was told that Cape Town had nightspots (as most cities do), I was expecting a sort of rustic kinda place – like the one they have in Salvador Brazil. It was fun but it wasn’t a fancy place. To my surprise, in stark contrast to Brazil, Camps Bay turned out to be the trendiest place in Cape Town. Filled to the brim with expensive cars and the rich and famous.

Club Havana was our chosen spot. The playground of the affluent, Club Havana was pumping with all the latest tunes and jam packed with the most gorgeous people of Cape Town. And my gorgeous, I mean model-esque gorgeous. This was when I learnt (the harsh way) that South Africans are really tall and I was merely a midget in comparison. Ill-equipped without my high heels, I felt like I was just in a sea of armpits around me.



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