Day 2 at the Orphanage

It’s nearly 6pm here (5.40pm to be exact) and what a wonderful day it has been at the orphanage!

Today was more planned than the previous day. I had set up 2 activity tables for the children and gave them enough time to do their activities. The children were free to choose which activity they wanted to do first and could rotate between the tables. I felt this was much more effective in engaging the children than the usual rote method that had been used previously.

The most amazing part was that I taught them the “Tooty Ta” song! Seeing them singing along, imitating the actions and movements, and absolutely enjoying the song was the BEST part of my day. I loved it!

The other amazing thing was walking with Anele. Anele is autistic and I can’t explain what sea of emotions overcame me today when I held him in my arm and sang him a song.

With Anele

I’m surrounded by remarkable children… those that will make you laugh… those that tire you out… those that in spite of everything fill your heart with this ocean of love. Oh I’m so thankful for this experience. So thankful for the extremely supportive family of mine who have always been by my side.

May God always bless these children. They have so much potential and I know I can see their thirst for knowledge. They are capable of so many things. Zwe-Zwe, a boy in my class loves to read. But he gets nervous and discouraged sometimes, especially in front of others. I’m not sure of why but I always encourage him and tell him how amazing he is to be able to read.

Aaron, Siyabonga and Zwe-Zwe

Regarding my fellow volunteers, I’m not sure what to say. I miss Fabiana and Alisha a lot! They were my fellow volunteers in Brazil. They were so much fun and made me feel like family…like home. The connection I had with Fabiana…I was hoping I would have the same here but it’s not.

Anyways I don’t want to be sad now. I’m overwhelmed today with emotions. Also I’m missing Dad quite a lot.

That’s it from me for now.

Until then…. ‘click!’ from South Africa.


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