This is South Africa

So here I am in South Africa. It’s day 1 and believe it or not, it still hasn’t hit me yet.

It feels like I’m in country Victoria. Picture Great Ocean Road, transport it to Africa and there it is – Cape Town.

I must say that Gordon’s Bay is absolutely breathtaking. I walk out of my apartment and I see picturesque mountains in front of me. 15minutes walk away is the beach. Clear blue waters. Nearby is Harbour Island, a sort of holiday town-esque joint filled with bars and restaurants. We had brunch (or was it lunch) today at Harbour Island, lined with beautiful yachts. I’m still in awe at the beauty surrounding me.

It hasn’t been a culture shock as yet. I’m not sure if it’s because of my travels to Brazil that has made me more realistic on what to expect from both the city and the township/slum.. or maybe it’s me being surround by holidaymakers and the great infrastructure here (roads are amazingly clean and tap water is safe to drink!).

It’s my first day and I’m loving it here. It also worries me that in 2 weeks, I will be transported to the “Real” Africa where, I’m guessing, the infrastructure will not be as good.

To me, it feels like Cape Town is comparable to any coastal city or holiday town. Tanzania would be my African version of Salvador…maybe…or worse… You can begin to see my anxiety coming through.

Back to the more exciting stuff… I will be learning a bit of Xhosa language tomorrow. I was told that 11 languages are spoken in South Africa, Xhosa being the one widely spoken in the townships/slums. And yes it does have a ‘click’!

Remember when Russell Peters spoke of the ‘clicks’ (!Xobile)… Yup that’s Xhosa, which is pronounced as ‘click’-kosa.

To top it off, there are 3 click sounds, one for ‘X’, another for ‘Q’ and I forgot about the 3rd one. By the time I was told about the 3rd click, I forgot what the first 2 sounded like. So yes here I am making clicking sounds trying to remember which click corresponds to which letter…. and I do sound like a retard.

Tomorrow will be our training about the culture, language and the township. Next weekend I’ll be going into Cape Town (I’m currently 45mins away), which would be very exciting.

I guess I’m a little disappointed that I’m in a holiday town but I’m hoping that teaching the children at the township will bring me back the same joy I had when I was in Brazil.

That’s it from me now… Until then… ‘click’!


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